WEIFENG Fancier WF-717 Tripod Review VS Monfrotto 701HDV Tripod

WEIFENG Fancier WF-717 Tripod
Well what can i say,this really is a truly first class semi-pro tripod offered at a good low price. It beats the velbon dv 7000 that i owned previously,with legs you had to constantly adjust taking up your valuable time,and added to this a couple of poor construction issues on some of the batches released,namely a looseness around the fluid head that even when tightned remained consistant and frees off again. With this you have a floating bowel with spirit level,so it is a simple quick adjustment without messing around with legs. The head is also excellent it’s very smooth and accurate even on very tight zooms. It feels very sturdy and you feel like your using a £2,000 fully blown broadcast tripod.In short you will not get a better tripod in this price bracket.
Fancier WF-717 ($123.99)Professional Heavy Duty Video Camera Tripod with with Fluid Video Head Kit, It’s half the price of a Monfrotto 701HDV and as far as you are concerned it’s twice the build quality. This thing is compact (same size as 701HDV), but it’s beefy! buy here !

  • Material: Aluminum alloy, Plastic
  • Max Operating Height: 1890mm
  • Min operating height 830mm
  • Folded height 860mm
  • Handle Length: 370~580mm
  • Max load capacity: 8kg
  • Weight: 4509g
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